Tuesday May 1st


09.30 Welcome | Adrian J Cotterill | Editor-in-Chief | DailyDOOH

09.45 Don’t believe the hype! Retail Tech that really matters | Manolo Almagro | Managing Partner | Q Division

AI, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Retail IoT, Blockchain and Robots are high on the retail tech hype cycle. Is all this emerging tech ready for prime time? How will it shape the future of Digital Signage? Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner of Q Division, cuts through all the buzzwords and shares his insights about tech really matters now, what matters to consumers and what brands + retailers need to do about it.

10:30 Creating the Best Customer Experience – The Role of Digital Signage in the Connected Customer Journey | Vanessa Walmsley | Managing Director | Qmatic (United Kingdom) Ltd.

Vanessa will discuss how the digital signage industry and customer journey management industry can work together to provide the best experience for their customers. Vanessa’s view is that while the digital signage industry has real expertise in areas such as CMS, content creation and the theatre effect, it needs to start looking at how they can really engage with customers, whether that’s in stores, hospitality areas, or other environments.

11:00 COFFEE

11.30 Why Debenhams Branding Strategy Included Oxford Street Digital Windows | Federico Calogiuri | Senior Motion Designer | Debenhams

11:45 Go Niche or be Jack-of-All-Trades? What 30 Years of Digital Signage Tells You | Steve Nesbit | Managing Director | Prestonwood Trail Holdings

12:30 How To Deliver a Retail Strategy that Links Digital Signage and Other Tech Initiatives | Rune Bentien | Chrome Enterprise Business Dev / Sales Manager | Google

13.00 LUNCH

14:00 What Drives Value For The Platform choice And Does it Even Matter? | Panel Discussion led by Peter Critchley | Managing Director | Beaver Group

Choosing a digital signage player can be confusing; Windows, ChromeOS, Android, standalone Raspberry Pi and / or SoC variants such as as Tizen, webOS or Raspberry Pi, couple that with the choice of commercial Chrome devices, Small/Medium Form-factor PCs, Embedded devices in screens and even Raspberry Pi and the end user has a myriad of options. Are there too many and is it all too confusing? What are the rights and wrongs of them and how should you choose?


15:30 How to Create Award Winning Content For Digital Signage | Alex Hughes | Co-Founder | Amigo

16:00 The Evolution and Proliferation of Digital Signage Into Every Day Life | Florin Gale | Creative Director | Microsoft

Florin Gale is responsible for creative and design direction for Microsoft Stores all up.He leads creative and design direction on all Microsoft product launches (Xbox One, Microsoft Surface, Office 365, Microsoft Band) at Microsoft Stores as well as ongoing omni-channel marketing campaigns such as Holiday, Graduation and Back to School. This includes campaign creative ideation, messaging and design all the way through production, implementation and deployment in all channels (in-store signage, digital media and interactive experiences, as well as mobile, online, e-mail marketing and social). He directly manages a team made of full time employees, consultants, design studios and agencies. His most recent accomplishments are the launches of the Microsoft Flagship Stores in New York and Sydney.

16.45 Closing Remarks | Adrian J Cotterill | Editor-in-Chief | DailyDOOH

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